Love Jones

Love Jones || Recording Artist  

Atlanta, Georgia




Born and raised in North East Portland, Oregon, Love Jones grew up with his mother, father and two siblings. He was that kid that was good at everything, but great at nothing. He would start something and lose interest in it quick. He was never passionate about anything except making people feel good and laugh. It wasn’t until high school that  he really gained a passion for music after performing at a talent show in front of people. Love Jones was that class clown, the guy who could entertain and talk to everybody. He just didn’t know how to make what he was good at beneficial until the talent show. That night after the talent show is when Love Jones decided to become a rapper.

Everything he has done personally is ultimately what he wants to do musically. Music truly makes him happy, although the topics he raps about may not seem like it sometimes. Music allows him to let out his emotions on a subject and address them as they are through his lyrics. Love Jones goal is to be  much more than a rapper, but at the end of the day some people believe that’s all he will be. But to him and his supporters, he will be a rapper, entertainer, businessman, public figure and activist.  Music has always been his meaning to peace. Music allowed him to be vulnerable and soft. It helped him deal with depression and provided a peace of mind.

Music gave Love Jones all the love that could be possible when needed when he was down, so in return he plans to give music all his love and maybe he can inspire another person to find love through music. Through  music there are so many things he wants to accomplish, from taking care of his family, to touching the hearts of the next world leader.

“Im not going to change the world, but if I can motivate the person who will, or motivate somebody to motivate that person who will, then I’ve served my purpose. I’ve seen so much come and go throughout my life that I want to leave a mark that can never go. I want us to be infinite.”