Mark Bombs

Mark Bombs || Recording Artist 

Producer || Engineer 

Chicago, Illinois




Marcus Fortenberry professionally known as “Mark Bombs” is a recording artist, producer, and audio engineer from Chicago, Illinois.  He is a creative individual who wants to inspire others to be great while also being themselves. Looking at how terrible things can happy in life, he wants to be that positive change. He continues to stay inspired with his craft by creating and expressing his creativity with like minded people. He plans to reach greater heights and take over the world for the human race by giving people hope and living a quality life. While working on being a creative his dream is to make sure his family is good and that they can live comfortably. Mark Bombs wants more kids to believe in themselves and not feel pressured to think in the traditional box mindset, which is the school, work, family, die routine. He wants to show kids that theres more to life than that. He wants to open new doors for himself and his friends to walk through and take over. He believes that they all have their individual gifts, and that will elevate their lives itself.