Tyus Maciel of Martians Media

Tyus Maciel || Photographer

Chicago, Illinois 





There’s a lot of things that come into factor when it comes to inspiring Tyus to do what he does. One is the opportunity to travel and meet great people all around the world.  Another is seeing the great work that others do in the same medium inspires him to push and go further.  But most of all, his mother is his backbone to keep doing what he does. Tyus’s mother has done a lot for him to put him in a situation to succeed.

His dream is to transfer his photography skills to the silver screen in becoming a director in photography.  But while being in the field of photography, he hopes to accomplish some of  his milestones in shooting for his favorite brands like 10 deep, Nike, Stussy, Supreme, and more.  Seeing his work on The Fader, Vice, or any other source of media that covers his favorite urban topics would be on that list as well.

One thing that Tyus would really love to do is open opportunities of work for children/people of color in this field.  A lot is not  presented to them for them to grow and develop.  Tyus wants them to know there’s other ways to sprout out of a concrete base other than playing sports. He would like to  teach them how to director, produce, design, shoot, edit, and all aspects of art, film, photography, etc.  But of course, Tyus would have to conqueror these goals himself.

He would to see change in his talent. He wants people to know that  photography is not just about taking a “clean” picture. There’s a lot more that goes into it and he thinks photographers are not as appreciated just because anyone can take pictures.  It really comes with the eye, perspective, and patience to develop.  He would like to change the direction in which he takes photography — more theatrical, cinematic, and experimental.  It’s easy to go out and shoot at good location with a good looking model.  But creating set-design, wardrobe, make-up, and posing is something he would like to change and go the extra mile.

Tyus believes his  talent could take him as far out of the United States and overseas. Being away in Seoul, South Korea showed him much more than what being an American has to offer.  He could accomplish shooting commercials from brands to local businesses in the area.  Doing what he loves and making a living off it is more than any accomplishment he could ever ask for.