cropped-mv46.pngABOUT MINDVIZION 

MINDVIZION is a creative agency networking with independent talents and brands in music, fashion, art, visual media, and modeling while providing management and marketing services. Our goal is to have creatives INSPIRE to DREAM that they can INNOVATE anything they BELIEVE. This comes from our motto, “INSPIRE.DREAM.INNOVATE BELIEVE.”

We are building a database for creative entrepreneurs to network with other brands across the country. We believe by creating this database it will be easier for brands to collaborate with other brands. We also help talents  develop their brand by providing them management and marketing services.

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IMG_3314VaDell Garth founded MINDVIZION because he believes there is too much creativity, and not enough support. He wanted to give independent creatives more exposure for their talent/brand by helping them in any way he could.

VaDell graduated from Western Illinois University in 2017 with a degree in Communications, and double minored in Marketing and Music Business. After graduating,  he moved to Georgia to pursue starting his own creative agency for independent creative entrepreneurs. That is how MINDVIZION came into fruition.

While working on MINDVIZION, he plans to network with other creatives to build his business and expand across the country. His hard work comes from ambition, dedication, and motivation to one day be the best. VaDell will continue to work to build his agency and paving a way for the independent creative entrepreneurs for the present building into the future.