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Brightman. || Clothing Designer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Taylor Brightman is  a recent Spelman College graduate from Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania. Using her creativity for self expression and as an income is what inspires her to be a designer. She has always found herself using her creativity to practice entrepreneurship since she was a young girl. As she is currently a designer and freelance stylist, […]


Vengeance || Clothing Brand Chicago, Illinois     What inspires Vengeance to do their brand is connecting and creating. It’s an amazing thing to know you can think about something and turn it into reality. It’s even more amazing to know what you create can allow you to connect with so many other people on a multitude of different […]

Mark Bombs

Mark Bombs || Recording Artist  Producer || Engineer  Chicago, Illinois     Marcus Fortenberry professionally known as “Mark Bombs” is a recording artist, producer, and audio engineer from Chicago, Illinois.  He is a creative individual who wants to inspire others to be great while also being themselves. Looking at how terrible things can happy in […]

Love Jones

Love Jones || Recording Artist   Atlanta, Georgia     Born and raised in North East Portland, Oregon, Love Jones grew up with his mother, father and two siblings. He was that kid that was good at everything, but great at nothing. He would start something and lose interest in it quick. He was never passionate about […]